• The building work on your property is not carried out according to plan :
    - a contractor has quit the building site,
    - the painter has done his work before the roofer,
    - the wooden floors have hardly been put down before they are warping,
    -The list is a long way from being exhaustive !


  • In all these cases remember to keep the evidence of anything that you can. Contact a bailiff to make an official statement of facts of the problems affecting your property project. By preserving evidence you retain the possibility of taking court action if necessary.
  • The bailiff is a legal professional of property rights. S/ he has the competence in technical vocabulary and will be able to redraft and improve on what s/he sees. S/he will complete the report with photographs which will be annexed to it in order to make it more explicit. S/he may also annex to the report a video recording of any particular problem.
  • An official statement of facts gives you an advantage if it is later necessary to commence legal proceedings against the promoter or the builder. You will be able to more easily establish your case in court.