• Are your relations with your partners strained and you are concerned about tension during your general meeting ?
  • Do you manage a company and are you concerned that any resolutions will be challenged by your partners ?


  • The bailiff can attend the general meeting with you in order to record the main points of the meeting (number of partners, following the agenda, votes etc.).
  • On the other hand if the partners refuse to accept the bailiff’s presence, the bailiff has no legal means of remedying it other than to have a court authorize his or her presence.
  • In these circumstances the bailiff will be authorised by a court order issued by the President of the High Court (Tribunal de Grand Instance) after a petition has been filed by the director’s lawyer. The lawyer will describe the tasks which are a matter for the bailiff who may take action for the above mentioned tasks and even more extensively if the order so specifies and even to go as far as to record all that is said at the meeting. .