• Does a client owe you money but you do not want the commercial relationship you have established with him or her to deteriorate ?


  • The bailiff is THE recovery professional and an indispensable company ally in such a matter.
  • His or her knowledge of the field allows him to offer you the most effective method of recovering the amount due to you while respecting your image and the commercial relationship that you have established.
  • He or she can make contact with your debtor by post, telephone or by email if you have the appropriate contact information available
  • The bailiff guarantees you prompt local action for a fee which you can freely negotiate with him or her.
  • Don’t bother to involve your accountant in sending reminders that are unproductive and economically inefficient. Choose to outsource this task and confide it to a legitimate debt recovery professional !
  • Eight billion euros were recovered by bailiffs last year. What better proof are you waiting for when entrusting the recovery of your debts due to a bailiff ?