• Are you owed money. Before any court case, do you want to establish proof of the money due to you ?
  • Do you want to send a final official reminder to your debtor ?


  • You intend to show that money is owed to you with the debtor’s agreement. The bailiff, a legal professional, can draft a recognition of debt document which complies exactly to the provisions of the civil code. Take the time to consult a bailiff ! Don’t run the risk that your recognition of debt document will be considered inadmissible by a court in the event of litigation.
  • You don’t have the benefit of a recognition of debt document and your debtor is being uncooperative ? In order to secure the money owed to you, the bailiff will quickly make contact with the debtor and demand payment. He or she will approach your debtor in order to obtain if at all possible, the recognition of debt document.
  • In our society where the effectiveness of a reminder by recorded delivery is yet to be established, the bailiff will meet the debtor in order to serve an official summons on him or her for the amount due. Choose the efficiency of a debt recovery professional !
  • Eight billion euros were recovered by bailiffs last year. What better proof are you waiting for when entrusting the recovery of your debts due to a bailiff ?