• Your ex-spouse telephones you at all hours of day and night.
  • A false article implicating you appears in the press.
  • An unflattering photograph is unknowingly released on an internet site.
  • Someone is sending you threatening or insulting emails.


  • It is indispensible that the evidence is collated urgently. A false or insulting message spread by a rapid method of communication (such as the internet) may lead to enormous losses or damage in a short period of time. It is of fundamental importance that the evidence is collated without delay before the source of the damage disappears. In order that the evidence is admissible in court, an precise modus operendai must be effectuated. The bailiff, familiar with these techniques, knows how to ensure in his or her report that the evidence will be admissible in court.
  • In the context of defamation, you have a very short time limit within which to act in court (3 months – Law of 29 July 1881). It is therefore indispensable that a bailiff records the defamatory words or the insults and formulates them exactly whether they appeared in the press or by electronic means.
  • With regard to harassment, there are many forms that it can take, whether by telephone, moral, sexual or digital harassment. To make the most of your rights, it is indispensable that the repetitive phone calls or emails be recorded and transcribed, so that they can be put before the judge dealing with the case.