• Do you want to establish your compliance with the standards of hygiene and safety within your company ?
  • Do you wish to separate yourself from goods, merchandise and other items and have a certified record of the transaction ?


  • Do you intend to move to a new premises which do not comply with the standards applicable to your sector of activity and you have to carry out the appropriate improvements ?
  • The bailiff, in a certified statement of facts, provides confirmation of that the work carried is in compliance with the standards in force which can help you to obtain the authorization required by the administration.
  • This approach could be considered in different areas, such as where access to your premises is required for physically disabled persons and modifications are made for this purpose (a lift, access ramp, toilets etc.).
  • The same applies where protection is required against fire risks or nuisances due to noise or odours
  • Factories, premises open at night and restaurants consult bailiffs who certify that they abide by the tolerance thresholds
  • Certify the destruction of your stock (as do many companies) in order to certify the reality of this operation and thus avoid any suspicion of deception or fraud falling on you with regard to the tax authorities (sale on the black market, non-justifiable tax deduction, non-payment of VAT).
  • In the same way, many companies have to justify in certain courts the destruction of their archives which by law must be retained for a certain period of time. Once the time period has expired the bailiff can certify that the archives were destroyed on such and such a date and time.