• Do you need to rent a commercial premises but you are experiencing operational difficulties ?
  • Are you enchanted by a premises but the owner is very demanding and you wish to put his mind at rest ?
  • Have you started your activity and you want to reassure your demanding landlord about observing the clauses in the lease ?
  • Do you intend to discontinue with the lease ?
  • Does your landlord not intend to renew the lease and offers you compensation for eviction ?
  • Does your landlord offer a renewal or, at the end of the term does not show up ?


  • The bailiff can allow the parties to act in complete confidence and to start on a solid basis whether by drafting the lease, the guarantee or the report as to the state of the premises.
  • The bailiff meets the parties and hears them in an impartial manner so as to guarantee the rights and demands of each one of them within the context of the legislation in force.
  • The bailiff will invite everyone concerned to be present when preparing the report as to the state of the premises
  • When your commercial activity commences the bailiff may make a report of the statement of facts confirming the reality of the business operation and compliance with the terms of the lease with regard to specialization. Furthermore the bailiff may make a regular report of your activity in order to put the landlord’s mind at rest with regard to any concerns about any possible reduction in value of the premises.
  • If you envisage expanding or changing your business activity during the life time of the lease, the bailiff is qualified to accomplish any formalities necessary
  • The bailiff is a legal professional who is familiar with the current legislation for professional and commercial leases. S/he is a reliable adviser able to explain to you all the aspects of your rights and the legal options available.
  • Furthermore, the bailiff is the only professional able to give notice to your landlord.
  • If your landlord serves you notice of termination at least six months before the end of the term of the lease, the bailiff will ensure that you are paid compensation for eviction in compliance with the law.
  • The same applies if you are offered a lease renewal ; the bailiff will ensure that the rent complies with the rental value of the building.
  • Finally, at the end of the term of the lease, if nothing is offered by the landlord, consult a bailiff so that your continued occupation of the premises is guaranteed so as to avoid the landlord expressing his opposition.