• You are on the verge of a separation, or you have just got divorced
  • You want to find evidence of adultery or desertion
  • You are being refused visiting rights to your children.
  • You want to legally separate from your partner and you are in a civil partnership (Pacte Civil de Solidarité - PACS).


  • You are on the point of separation or divorce. Often separations are by agreement … that is until the assets of the relationship are to be shared. In order to avoid any future challenge it is possible for an asset inventory to be carried out by a bailiff. ;
  • This solution allows spouses or partners to agree at the time of the separation, their respective assets, in this way avoiding any later dispute about any particular property..
  • You wish to establish evidence of adultery. This evidence may be established by a bailiff using an official statement of facts confirming the adultery. Taking this statement of facts should be authorized by a judge in advance
  • You want to establish evidence of desertion. This is often difficult to establish. In according with the circumstances the bailiff may deliver a directive to the spouse who has quit the conjugal home to return to the address where he is supposed to be ;
  • You are refused the right to visit your children ; before taking any legal initiative, you should bring evidence of the current situation ; the bailiff could can accompany you and make a statement of facts to the effect that the other parent refuses to allow you access or is not present on the day and at the agreed time s/he must be present with the children.
  • You wish to split up with your PACS partner ; the bailiff can notify your partner by an extra judicial notice your intention to end the PACS ; after completing this procedure, the bailiff will notify the lower court of first instance where your PACS is registered.