• Is your company involved in any social activity such as stoppages or strikes ?
  • One of your employees is using company equipment (computers, telephones etc.) for personal use, involved in unfair competition or indeed illegal activities.
  • You want to have on record that one of your employees on sick leave is actually working elsewhere at the same time.
  • During a strike, your employer prevents you from entering your workplace.
  • Your company is blocked by outsiders.


  • Employment law is very strict with regard to disputes at the work place and the question of whether the employment dispute is an individual or group action depends on the quality of the evidence presented to the court.
  • In employment law, the right to privacy, the fairness in the production of evidence demands specific knowledge of the means and the methods allowed in the presentation of evidence.
  • Thus although the right to strike is unanimously recognized, it doesn’t permit any type of wrong whether civil or criminal from putting in peril the efficient functioning of your company (strike, lockouts, blockade etc.); similarly, during a strike an employer may not prevent non-striking employees from working. The bailiff can establish the different circumstances encountered and can advise you on their legality and guarantee that the evidence obtained will be admissible in court.
  • In very specific circumstances it is possible for you obtain evidence that an employee is using a mobile phone or a computer made available to him or her ; the expertise of a bailiff is indispensable in order to legally establish evidence of the facts which could cause you serious damage. Often such evidence gathered requires either a particular technical procedure or to guarantee the minimum respect of the rights of employees.