• Your ex-spouse or ex-partner has been ordered by a court to pay you :
    - a maintenance allowance,
    - an annuity allowance,
    - a periodic allowance
  • The other party has missed a payment due, or has not paid the revised amount as s/he should


  • The bailiff has several means available to him or her to force payment of a maintenance allowance :
  • The procedure for direct payment of maintenance allowance : the bailiff requests that the employer or bank of the party concerned make a monthly retention of a sum corresponding to the monthly payment due from his or her salary, or bank account plus a twelfth of any amounts already owed as far back as 6 months in arrears ;
    The advantages of this procedure : it doesn’t cost you anything ! It is quick and effective.
    Disadvantages : it is only effective in cases where your debtor is an employee, civil servant or unemployed. It doesn’t work if your debtor is a self-employed tradesman or other self-employed activity, or a person on income support, in which case other means of recovery will have to be considered.
  • If the procedure for direct payment of a maintenance allowance is neither possible nor effective, the bailiff may implement other means such as seizures of personal property (especially motor vehicles), bank accounts etc.