• Are you a victim of a blog defamation ?
  • Has one of your creations has been taken and put on line without your consent ?
  • Has one of your competitors reproduced a graph chart from your site ?
  • Whether in real or virtual life human behaviour remains the same and you must act !


  • This is the problem : how to get the evidence of an act on the internet when even though it can be shown on a computer screen, it remains intangible by nature and particularly volatile and capable of change with a click of the mouse ?
  • As with traditional litigation, the bailiff can draft a statement of facts on the internet and thus protect your rights.
  • Case law has made this type of statement of facts very special and requires a very specific type of technical formality
  • Who better than a bailiff, a specialist in preparing statements of fact and trained in such technical requirements, to certify the existence of such intangible acts ?