• Are you a commercial leaseholder and you want to bring it to an end, extend it or review the conditions of the lease ?
  • Do you want to change the activity carried on at the premises that you are leasing ?


  • The bailiff is a legal professional who is familiar with the legislation relating to commercial and professional leases. S/he will be a reliable adviser, able to inform you of your rights and the legal options available
  • More than an adviser, s/he is an essential professional to consult in matters of commercial leases. The law prescribes that any requests – eg. for notice periods or lease renewals – must be served on your landlord, mainly “by extra-judicial means” ie. by bailiff service : this process confirms at the same time the date of service and the content of the notice as well as service to the right addressee.
  • Contact your local bailiff as soon as possible. S/he is more than an adviser. He or she can deal with the drafting of the lease required for your project and take care of serving it on your lessor.