• Does an individual or a company owe you money ?
  • Are you concerned that they may move and suddenly disappear or do you fear that their financial circumstances are rapidly deteriorating ?


  • The circumstances of individuals or companies may change very quickly. You know this and you worry about being caught up in it.
  • Call a bailiff before any litigation. He is the legitimate professional to turn to for implementing provisional measures. S/he can rapidly obtain a freezing order on your debtor’s bank account or goods before they disappear.
  • If the debt due to you is a significant one, the bailiff can also suggest that you register immediately a mortgage over real estate or a pledge security over the goodwill so that you are made aware when they are next up for sale.
  • In this case the intervention of the bailiff is compulsory.
  • Don’t take any more risks. When you feel the wind turning, make contact with the nearest bailiff. S/he knows how to protect you from the storm !