• Money is due to you
  • Do you wish to establish the proof of your claim before suing the debtor ?
  • Would you like to send a last official reminder to your debtor ?


  • You intend to establish the substance of your claim with the cooperation of the debtor. The bailiff, a legal professional, can draft a ‘recognition of debt’ which complies perfectly with the provisions of the civil code. Take the time to consult a bailiff ! Do not take the risk that your ‘recognition of debt’ will be ruled inadmissible by a court if litigation is necessary.
  • Do you not have the benefit of a recognition of debt and your debtor is uncooperative ? The bailiff, in order to protect your claim, will make contact quickly with your debtor to remind him or her of the amount due. He will intervene in order to obtain from the debtor, in writing, as far as is possible, recognition of the debt.
  • In our society, when the effectiveness of a reminder by recorded delivery remains to be proved, the bailiff will go to meet your debtor in order to officially notify him that he is obliged to pay the amount due to you. Choose the efficiency of a recovery professional !
  • Eight billion euros were recovered by bailiffs last year. What better proof are you waiting for when entrusting your moneys due to a bailiff ?