• Have you started an activity which relies on an idea « intellectual work », perhaps a piece of software or even a clothing pattern ?
  • Why take the risk of offering it on a plate to competitors without protecting it in advance ?
  • It is indispensible to protect your rights !


  • The author of an intellectual work has, because of its creation alone, a property right and legal protection. The creation must respond to two requirements, it must be able to be materialized formally and be original. Any intellectual work which complies with these two conditions is eligible for protection.
  • The presumed author of one of these works is the one who is the first to disclose it under his or her name. It may be useful therefore, so as to bring the evidence of the creation of a work, to be able to prove the date of its creation. The date of creation of the work will help to determine who is the legitimate author
  • It is indispensable therefore that you file your creations at a bailiff’s office in order to protect them. The bailiff will then draft a report recording the deposit of the creation and the date will have a certainty about it that cannot be challenged at a later date.
  • Don’t take a risk, file your creations at a bailiff’s office.