• During the life time of the company you will always have important documents to send to your staff and clients.
  • Are you tired of the unpredictability of the postal services ?
  • Do you want to deliver your documents quickly with a maximum of guarantees for the recipients ?
  • Furthermore, do you need advice on the drafting of the documents to be served ?


  • The bailiff is the only legal professional to be sworn in and authorized to serve legal and extra-judicial documents on recipients. We call this ‘service of documents’
  • Protect yourself by taking the same precautions and benefit from the same seriousness in delivering your documents.
  • Don’t take any more risks with a recorded letter which does not arrive in time or is not accepted by the intended recipient. Don’t juggle any more with the post office opening and closing times.
  • Get in touch as soon as possible with a local bailiff. Entrust him or her with the service of important documents and gain peace of mind !